[Loch-Ruadh] Today in History March 15

Fri Mar 15 14:59:36 PST 2002

0076 Hadrian Roman Emperor (builder of Hadrian's Wall)
1493 Anne Pierre Adrien duke of Montmorency marshal of France

0044 -BC- Julius Cæsar assassinated in Roman Senate in the Portico of the
Theater of Pompey
0493 Odiaker German army leader/King of Italy (476-93), dies
0752 Zachary Greek/Italian Pope (741-52), dies
0963 Romanus II Byzantine emperor (959-63), dies at 25
1034 Mieszko II King of Poland (1025-34), dies

Other Events:
0933 Battle at Riade: German King Henry I beats Magyaren
1360 France invasion army lands on English south coast, conquers Winchel
1382 Conservative "Popolo Grasso" regain power in Florence Italy
1391 Jew hating Monk in Seville Spain stirs up people to attack Jews
1493 Christopher Columbus returns to Spain after 1st new world voyage
1560 Failed assault on royal palace in Amboise France
1562 General François de Guise enters Paris France
1580 Spanish king Philip II puts 25,000 gold coins on head of prince Willem
of Orange

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