[Loch-Ruadh] WAY OT----sexual personality test

blakrose blakrose at swbell.net
Fri Mar 15 15:10:52 PST 2002

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this is what it said.......

john, your sexual personality is Zeta-ETDN-10.

                   Your sexual personality is determined by your sexual persona

(Zeta), 4 sexual scales
                   (Emotional/Physical, Look/Touch, Daring/Modest,
Verbal/Non-verbal), and your libido
                   score (10).

                   As a Zeta, the high degree of confidence you feel around
sexuality matches your
                   level of experience. Your sexual confidence and awareness
particularly high.

                   How do we know this? How do we know that you focus more on
the emotional than the
                   physical connection with your partner while having sex?

Jane Sitton wrote:

> Is there a chart for comparison?  What does your mean?  Here's mine:
> Jane, your Sexual Persona is Omega.
>     Did you know?
> As an Omega, your sexual energy is so powerful, it might be challenging for
> you to gauge the sexual energy of others.   <it's just blinding!  It zaps
> everyone else's off the radar!!  LOL>
> But that's just scratching the surface. Understand the intimate details of
> your sexual personality.
>  LOL
> Madelina
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> mine was ZETA-ETDN-10
> Jane Sitton wrote:
> > So, what was YOUR result?  We've always posted our results when we take
> > these things, Hobbit names, pirate names, etc.
> >
> > Or are you too bashful?  And is this a family list?  How young is the
> > youngest person who reads this?
> >
> > Madelina
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