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Greetings Friends!

Ameline & I got home at 3:00 am Sunday, having left right before Grand Court
got underway. We drove straight through. The War was wonderful. Weather was
great from Wed - Sat. Congratulations to Centurion Stella! Other moments off
the top of my head: Countess Octavia de Verdon joined the Order of the Arcus
Majoris for her years of archery prowess and Lord Randal der Kreiger
received a Sable Falcon.

The Ravine battle was looong, and a bit brutal, but satisfying. Torin, (Lord
Herries' (sp) lovely lady who's first event was Steppes 12th night) was
marshalling in the Ravine battle and took a spear shot to the head. She got
6 stitches from this but was back in the thick of it marshalling later on.
She also operated a ballistae during the fort battles on Saturday. Also,
during the Ravine battle, Lady Vivaine Taarnfalk received an excessive blow
to the head and, I believe, a concussion as a result, but was also seen
fighting later in the war. His Majesty Aaron, at a full charge, took a spear
thrust to the chest that I heard took him off the ground. After a brief
rest, he too was back in the battle where he took 2 more spears to the
chest, and was forced to take it a little easier for the remainder of the
war. One other individual was carried off the field on his shield and yet
another was taken off in a golf cart. However, even with all the excessive
blows, Ansteorra was still victorious in the Ravine. Her Majesty Britta also
was injured in the Open Field battle, (I think with a twisted ankle), but
was able to continue fighting.

Vivat! to the Company of the Hunt, whose members served our kingdom well.
The King's champion, Centurion Virgil, won a tournament early in the week
(before I arrived), I think it was the Ansteorran sponsored tourney. In
addition, Earl Alaric, Cent. Virgil, Lord Louie and Lord Daire all fought in
the Live Chess tourney with impressive results. All defeated at least one
foe. Lord Daire even defeated His Grace Duke Mittion! Earl Alaric Drake
defeated the enemy queen (the queen's piece is played by two fighters
simultaneously). Our own Queen Britta (along with Centurion Virgil) played
the part of Queen in the Chess match and ended the game by defeating the
Trimarin king! The Trimarian Queen, like Her Majesty Britta, is also a
chivalric fighter and fought as queen in the chess match. As a side note,
the Queen of Meridies is also a chivalric fighter and fought during the war.
I am not sure how often the Queens of all three principle kingdoms fight,
but it was inspiring to see. The Company of the Hunt continued their
successes at the Ladies of the Rose Tourney on Friday. It was a single
elimination, single bout tourney, that saw Lord Daire de Hoya in round
three. Three of the final four fighters were of the Hunt as well, with Lord
Louie, Centurion Virgil and Centurion Gustav Hastings. Sir Gideon Macleod
defeated Centurion Gustav in the finals. As you might have gathered,
Ansteorra rocked the Rose tourney!

The heavy champions battle was fun to watch. Leaving the field victorious,
Earl Daffydd raised his glaive over head and issued forth cries of victory
like those of the Sand People from Star Wars. Duke Richard defeated Duke
Balder. Sir Mahadhi, Centurions Virgil, Daniel and Erasmus were all
victorious as well.

In the A&S Champions battle Countess Kayleigh scored a perfect 20! Sir
Pendarin received a 19 for his performing art. My own Lady Ameline did well
as did many more. Overall, Ansteorra was victorious in the A&S Champions
battle. We left before the A&S melee results were announced.

I heard that we were victorious in the Rapier War Point but did not see that
battle.  I did see the Rapier Ravine battle, however, and I must say there
was tremendous chivalry displayed by both sides. Though we did not not win
the Ravine battle, it was exciting to watch. (I can't wait for you to see my
photo of Edward Mercer standing alone holding off five Trimarian's!)

Sorry to run so long, I will leave it to others to provide many more
details. Photos to follow soon.

At home in Ansteorra,
Lord Armand Dragonetti

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> Us, too.
> Llywelyn and I got home about 6:30.  We are still unloading.
> It's good to be home.
> Xene
> p.s. Ansteorra rocked at the War!  We left during Grand Court, but I heard
> today that we tied with a score of 8 to 4.  Trimaris took the Fort Battle,
> the Live weapons, the Equestrian, and the  Archery.  I heard this from
> Caelin when we talked this afternoon.

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