[Loch-Ruadh] back safe

E. Hawkwood rbnew5 at netscape.net
Mon Mar 18 06:44:51 PST 2002

Prohero <prohero at cowtown.net> wrote:

>Made it back today about  6 pm after dodging all the wrecks on I-20 in
>the rain.  Must have been all those gamblers heading home from
>Had enormous fun.
>One thing missing though.   I didn't get as many insults to my heritage
>as I usually get, but everyone tried to make up for it!  LOL
>Glad to be back in the land of the hot shower!
>The Mad Saxon

Genvieve and I got home without incident about 9:30 am
Sunday morning (but a 2-hour nap was necessary).
War was great!  Randy's heard the stories (well, some
of them...) and he's already planning next year's trip.
Of course, he'll be on that golf course most of the
time ;>

Dunstan ~ if you can get those disks to me today I can
get CDs made for everyone (I have lots of blank CDs).
Also, should anyone have snapshots they'd like to add to
add to their CD, I can do that, too. If you can scan your
photos and bring me a disk, it'll be much faster.

See you all at the Bardic on Wednesday!

/Ly Elizabeth Hawkwood
Lady Elizabeth Hawkwood

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