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Xene here:

I have to brag on the children of Ansteorra.

 Arnbjorn Ulfsson (my son, Anthony) fought Friday at a Barrier battle for
the Ladies of the Company of St. Olaf along with Richard (Donnel's son) and
they both comported themselves well on the field of honor.

Saturday, there was held a Tournament for the Youth Combatants, and Arnbjorn
won the Ram division (Ages 9-12). After winning that division handly with
his great sword, Arnbjorn was asked by Count Sir Robert to fight the
non-destructive bye and won against a larger, older fighter as well.
Richard fought with great honor as well.  There were many Knights attending
this Youth Tournament and I heard it said that the children fighting that
day would be the ones storming the fort in a few years.

Arnbjorn also worked in the Kennel Lands and received a greyhound medal from
the Queen of Meridies for taking care of her personal hound.

The children of Elfsea did great things.  Whitney (whose SCA name I can't
remember) did several hours of volunteer work at Scribes point.  Sam and
Arnbjorn did ice runs to help out the camp (and earn spending money).  They
also helped with filling the kitchen water jugs, digging trenches, gathering
firewood and kindling, and entertaining the younger children in camp.

Meridies allows 16 & 17 year olds to fight in the chivalric battles, so
young Ian MacConnacher of Bryn Gwlad has a great story to tell about killing
the King of the Middle during the Ravine Battle.  Young Nick, son of Lady
Sibree (sp?) and Earl Drake, also has stories to tell about his fighting in
the fort battles.  He fought well and with great honor.  He also had fun
because the other fighters thought he was Earl Drake due to his red "Company
of the Hunt" jupon and Drake's shield with the differencing duct taped
across it.:-)

Lady Marissa, Sir Wilhelm's daughter, had almost 50 hours of volunteer work
turned in by Saturday at 2 pm - mostly from working the Sanicrat duties
keeping the bathrooms clean and well-stocked.  Wow!!!

Our children are to be loved and cherished.  Vivat the heirs of Ansteorra!!!

Mistress Xene Theriane

Vicki Marsh
Computer Lab
Bray Elementary
Cedar Hill, TX

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