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Xene here:

I have some other questions that should be contemplated:

1. What do you intend to do about the Canton of Loch Ruadh and their move to
become a Shire? This will significantly impact the Barony over the next two
2. What do you intend to do about supporting the College of ThreeBridges?
They may go dormant this year due to lack of membership.  How do you intend
to help keep their SCA-UTA group going?
3. What about the Canton of Dragonsfire Tor?  How do you intend to help
them?  Do they want help?
4.  Do you know all the current landed Nobles?  If not, you should.
5. Do you know the top ten fighters and their consorts in the Kingdom?  They
are most likely to be the next Crowns that you will have to work with.
6.  Do you have a reliable vehicle that can get all the "Stuff" to and from
events?  Perhaps a trailer?
7.  Do you have a good, period wardrobe for the position?  The populace gets
embarrassed if their landed nobles don't look good.  Kind of like your
parents walking around in front of your friends in their old, stained
undershirts and nightgowns. The working wardrobe can be plain, but it must
be nice and in good order. the court gard must be nice.
8. The participants of Crown Tourney are required to sign a statement that
state they are financially capable of supporting the office of the Crown.
Are you financially capable of supporting the office of Baron &/or Baroness
of Elfsea?  It is a lot more expensive that you might think.
9. Do you *really* have the time to spend?  Are you able to spend a lot of
time on the computer and on the phone?  Are you willing to work at every
event you go to, even the non-Elfsea or non-Central Region ones? 

And lastly,

10.  Do you really care for *all* the people in the Barony?  Not just the
ones that show up at meetings, but *all* of them?   It takes a great deal of
love for the group to be able to be a good leader. Do you know their
strengths and weaknesses?

I'm sure I could come up with more, but that's enough for now.  You don't
have to answer the questions on the lists, but you should have an answer,
because these questions will come up.

In Service,

Xene Theriane

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> Having gone through this once myself, and having seen what happens and
> then sat on the sidelines the last time and watched people go through all
> the gyrations involved,  I would like to pose the following questions to
> those candidates who have announced their intentions and to those who may
> be contemplating tossing their hat (or head) into the ring.
> 1.  What do you see as the strength of Elfsea?  Can you improve on that
> strength?
> 2.  What do you see as the biggest weakness of Elfsea?  What can you do to
> change that?
> 3.  What plans do you bring to the position of Baron/Baroness that will
> enable Elfsea to grow and prosper?
> 4.  Where do you envision Eflsea being and in what shape do you see her
> when step down as baron/Baroness?
> 5.  What unique contributions do you bring to Elfsea?
> 6.  What sets you apart from all the other candidates?
> 7.  Why should we choose you rather than someone else?
> I am just tossing these out for consideration.  I have found, in the past,
> that it makes things a lot easier when one can compare the responses of
> all the candidates to a few simple questions.  If anyone can think of any
> other questions to ask, then, by all mean, fell free to post those as
> well.  After all, the people we select will be those people that Ansteorra
> and the Society as a whole think of when they hear the words "Barony of
> Elfsea."
> Lord Ceatta o Gulcleth
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