[Loch-Ruadh] A Boon

Kathy Varner dkv250 at msn.com
Wed Jul 9 14:04:48 PDT 2003

Of the Generous and Talented ladies of Loch Ruadh, I ask a boon.

The Lughnasad A&S Competition has need of vessels to contain the voting 
tokens for each entrant in our competition.
I would ask that each of you donate 1 fabric covered, be-ribboned can to 
this cause.
The can should be of regular vegetable size or smaller, having been 
thoroughly washed and dried, (We don't want soggy voting tokens to count!) 
then covered around and top and bottom. A cut will be made in the fabric at 
the opening to allow tokens to be inserted. What ever ribbons, raffia, lace, 
etc.. you choose can be used to pretty up the can.
If well constructed we should be able to use these for at least 2-3 years.
I will ask someone to collect these at Fighter Practice, Lughnasad Planning 
Meeting, and August populace, and will then pick them up and transport them 
to the event.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Caitrin ferch Rhys,
A&S Coordinator, Lughnasad xxxviii
Canton of Loch Ruadh

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