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To all of elfsea. Whether you are a member or not you are allowed to
participate in the polling that is being held tonight at the coors
distribution center. If for any reason I made any statement or someone else
concluced that people without memberships would not be able to participate
in the polling I apologize.  My understanding is that different polling
forms will be used for members and non members and thats it.

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Greetings Elfsea!

I would like to thank all the candidates and the populace for making this
one of the smoothest periods  of time before a polling I have ever
experienced. All the candidates, and you the populace should all be
commended. Yet proof again, that life is good in Elfsea.

This Monday moot will begin at its normal time of 7:00pm and the polling
will not start until 7:30pm. Even though everyone will be there for the
polling, we still have baronial business to address.

A reminder that a polling by the crown is not an ELECTION! The polling is
your written opinion of a matter that the crown wishes to know the feelings
of the populace. It is not  whomever has the most votes wins. The polling is
designed to have the people within  the geographical area of the barony and
its satellite groups to have their opinions heard. This brings me to my next
two points.

The Crown and the Kingdom Seneschal recognize that some past and current
players of this great barony do not live within the geographical area of the
barony or one of its satellite groups. I am making a list of those people to
be allowed to participate in the polling, but I need you help. I have only
been seneschal since April of this year. While some people on this list are
no brainers, Xene and Llewelyn are obvious examples, others are not. You
must contact me so I can get this information and have it ready for the
crown representative. I need this information no later than Sunday night. If
you are not sure about this you should contact me. I will be a fighter
practice Sunday and my home phone number is 817-784-1496 if you would like
to talk to me. Any decisions about how the polling is run is up to the crown
and their representative. The Vicar and Vicaress and myself have no control
in this area.

This is the second point. Even if you do not live within the confines of the
barony and you are not participating in the polling, you can still express
your opinion buy writing a letter to the crown. I know their majesties want
to hear your thoughts on their local representatives for this great barony.

Very soon the polling will be over and a decision will be made. Some will be
saddened by the decision, some uncaring, some ecstatic. What ever your
opinion, the crown will have made their choice and we all need to unite
behind the new landed nobility for Elfsea. I can not stress this enough, as
the new landed will have an adjustment period of I would say at least a year
for the barony and its satellite groups. During this time we the barony will
all be learning and adjusting to new ideas and concepts. Be patient and open
minded during this time. Remember the new landed will be very new to this
and we the barony need to show some extra special support during this time.

You have seen many wise words from the candidates and some wonderful
questions have been asked and answered. I have a short amount of advice that
I would like to share with all the candidates and the populace.

Listen with focus

Never make a promise that you can not keep.

There are always more than two sides to every story and invariably the truth
is lost somewhere in the middle.

Don't focus on the negative.

Always keep your sense of humor, after all this is just a game. :)

Have a nice day!

Master Richard Fairbourne
Elfsea Seneschal

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