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Sat May 31 15:56:46 PDT 2003

I wanted to take a minute and give a huge THANK YOU and VIVAT! to
everyone who helped with the demo/walk. I am writing this note on only
having had a small nap after being up over 24 hours (and being on
my feet most of those hours) so please forgive now any mistakes that I
am sure will occur in this typing! :)

I would love to list out everyone who come out and assisted but I will
be honest in saying that I cannot remember who all was there! This just
shows you how many people came and supported the Fight for Cancer and
(hopefully) enjoyed the opportunity to share the wonders of being a
SCAdian with Parker County. So please forgive me for not giving everyone
an individual VIVAT! for making the trek out, singing, explaining what
the "funny clothes" were for and why, while other teams were in a
costume of some kind, we (the SCAdians) were the only ones not
self-conscious about being in a costume.

Needless to say we have created quite a murmur that bears following up
on in Parker County! As my team members were walking their laps in the
wee hours of the morning I think at least once for every lap someone
asked them about "the funny dressed people" at our camp and what "the
funny dressed people" did.

This demo was in conjunction with the American Cancer Societies Relay
for Life and my team, the Keeneland Krusaders, made the entire relay
(from 6pm to 7am) with someone on the track at all times. Keeneland
could not have achieved this without your help either. Even though you
came out for the demo many of you walked laps. THANK YOU! Several of you
stayed well past 2am to keep Keeneland Krusaders awake and motivated.

Even though I cannot name each person who made it out I would like to
give a very special thank you to 3 people. To HE Stella... I cannot give
you a big enough THANK YOU for your help. You brought out so many items
for A&S that saying it was impressive doesn't do it justice but that’s
all my
poor brain can manage at the moment (kinda like our trying to basic math
at 5am... it’s a wee bit to taxing! Hehe) And for your being such a good
sport at 5am with the scavenger hunt and the participants needing the
signature of a cancer survivor, and since you were "the tall Lady with
the tall dress and head ring thing" everyone on site coming to you. And
thank you for also staying till 7am. To Lady Madelina, Thank you for
providing some A&S displays, and thank you for staying until 7am with
what was left of my team to cheer us on and providing encouragement for
the walkers with each lap. To Lord Padraig, thank you for staying well
past 4am keeping us (and everyone else) entertained through your songs
and stories.

I do not have all the final information but this is what I do know:
Keeneland Krusaders walked 213 laps total (with Lee Auburg walking 75 of
those laps. I hope having 3 days off is time enough for him to recover
and be back at work!) and Keeneland won FIRST PLACE in the tent
decorating competition! THANK YOU!!!

Who found leg muscles she forgot she had and feels like a limping
commercial for a sports cream...

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