[Loch-Ruadh] FP/workshop visitor

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Not sure what we're doing this weekend.  We may camp with Falcon Rose at Three Queens.  If we don't, I'm sure Logan (if not the kids and I as well) will attend FP at Polydore's.  I ask Logan to keep an eye out for him.  Being a fellow metal worker, I'm sure they'd enjoy swapping stories.


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Hello, all!

This weekend, Gabrielle and I are planning to go to Three Queens. Our 
farrier, however, is fascinated by the whole concept of the SCA and we 
are giving him directions and times for the workshop and practice. He 
seems a very shy guy, so he may not even show, but if so, I know he'll 
either be well cared for or tasty with a side a potatoes :)

His name is Phillip Perdue.

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