[Loch-Ruadh] Home - and Gone Again

Madelina de Lindesay lymadelina at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 8 13:03:36 PDT 2004

Safe travels, Padraig, and thanks for putting in the request for the weather  - it was great.  The margarita machine wasn't bad, either.

The kids & I just got home.   Now for a shower, a bite to eat, and a nap, and not necessarily in that order.  Oh, and I have to take the medicine I forgot to bring with me to the event and then put my feet up.  My ankles are swollen now to almost double their normal size.  Ouch!

A huge vivat and a standing ovation to everyone who did the work of running setting up and breaking down the gear for Lughnasad.  Your efforts are hugely appreciated.  It was a wonderful event.  I was very glad I was able to attend.

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I got home safely, unpacked and am now heading out the door for the airport.

Another fantastically successful Lughnasad!  Vivat to everyone for all the
hard work!

See you all next week.


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