[Loch-Ruadh] My thanks

Padraig Ruad O Maolagain padraig_ruad at irishbard.org
Mon Aug 9 20:47:28 PDT 2004

Hey, sometimes I feel like I'm pushing my luck requesting 90 degree 
weather.  God loves me, but I never presume.


Dustan wrote: 
> I would like to thank all who helped with set up and tear down for 
> wonderful event.
> It's a part of the event that goes unnoticed but is the most 
> part of any SCA event.
> Laboring in Ansteorran heat can be difficult at times and we were 
> to get it all done before the
> full might of Sol beat down upon our heads.
> My heart felt thanks to all of you.
> Also, thanks to Lady Gwenllian for assisting the merchants, to Ld. 
> and the security volunteers who kept us secure, and to the Feast o 
> for a
> great feast, and to Lady Fiona and the Trolls who stood by at the 
>   Vivat to you all!
> Our AutoCrats did a FINE job keeping it all moving and flowing 
>  My compliments and thanks on a well run event.
> Next year,  perhaps Ld.Padraig can get our order in for dry 
> in the 70's, like we had two weeks ago.
> Dunstan

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