[Loch-Ruadh] My view of Lughnasad

Kathy Varner dkv250 at msn.com
Mon Aug 9 20:06:49 PDT 2004

Oh the Glories of Lughnasad.
A moment though, was it really Lughnasad? High temperature 94, periodic 
breezes, a frequently uninhabited misty forest during the fabled Ansteorran 
summer Lughnasad Celebration hosted by the Shire of Loch Ruadh? Indeed it 
The event was well attended, gate reaching 248 registered attendees (at last 
count known to author); approximately 44 of those being the youth of 
Many were the glories of the day, and the awards given have already been 
Unto to newest Lords and Ladies of the Known World, the newest Rising Stars 
of Ansteorra, the winning combatants and Artisans, the award winners, the 
Feast O-Crats; and all those who helped serve our plentiful evening meal,

Acts of Chivalry, Honor, and Courtesy did abound this day.
Many thanks to TRM Draco and Sibri for their grants of awards in a manner 
that: conferred all due respect, while embracing humor and levity. This was 
much in keeping with the atmosphere and ambiance of Lughnasad as envisioned 
by the populace of Loch Ruadh.

Gate ran smoothly due to the supervision of Fiona and the willingness of the 
populace to volunteer for the shifts necessary to expedite the registration 
of those who came to celebrate with us.
We were kept safe by the vigilance of Rolf and his intrepid security team
TRM were cared for by Baroness Dana.
The Lists were run by: Alric, Cathal, Aingeal, Tegwared; assisted by Vivian 
and Elizabeth, Eadric, and Eoghan.
List Mistresses: Katheryn, Irina, and Bice
The Artisan Competitions by: Catrin: assisted by Dighe and Grainne, and the 
out-going Titled Bard Grimvere
The Merchants were coordinated by: Gwenllian.
CIC and Water Bearing supervisor: Magdalea
Children’s Donnybrook run by: Madelina, assisted by Gerard
Set-up and Tear-down were coordinated by: Dunstan
Prize Reave and greenery/floral: Just Laura
All in all it was an enjoyable and well produced event, none of which would 
have occurred without the hard work and persistence of the Auto-Crats 
Aingeal and Caerell.

Special Thanks to: John Greywolf for the contribution of the fan for the 
misty forest, and the use of 2 Golf Carts for Staff.

I don't recall seeing a run-down on the Youth Bardic competition. Here's 
what I recall.
Overall Best: Lisabetta de Lindesay
Best Girl: Melodie De Reyes
Best Boy: Alex Rich
Speciial Mention: Mac an Ghabhann Ladies

To one and all VIVAT!

My special thanks go out to Dighe and Grainne for the long hours put in at 
the A&S pavilion. You made my job much easier than it was last year. Your 
assistance and camaraderie were greatly appreciated.

Catrin ferch Rhys
MoAS Loch Ruadh

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