[Loch-Ruadh] crash

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Thanks, Dunstan, for the update, and for everything you & your brothers-in-arms do.  When Brighid had her accident, the first to respond was a fire truck, and the guys did a good job of calming me down, not to mention taking care of my daughter.


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In case anyone has been watching the news today,
An Arlington Fire Dept. Engine (Pumper) #13  was
struck from behind by a suspected drunk driver,
while the crew  was attending to a previous accident.  
I was not assigned to that particular truck, but I have, on occasion, 
spent a shift
assigned to it.  My permanent assignment is currently  Station 7.
We Always park our trucks between us and the oncoming traffic for just 
this eventuality,
and it paid off in dividends last night.   No Fire Fighters, Police 
Officers or
those involved in the first accident were injured by this secondary crash.

Just wanted to let everyone know.


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