Bad but not as bad as first thought... (Was: [Loch-Ruadh] not agood year)

Sun Aug 15 16:05:36 PDT 2004

> Pook, I didn't get around to replying when you first posted this, but I
wanted you to know you & your family are in my prayers.  Hope your Nanny is
feeling better now.  Please give us an update when something is decided on
her care.
> Madelina

Nanny is living with my Unlce Lloyd (her son) in Waskom. She's not exactly
happy about it but is content. The Dr's are treating her glaucoma and high
blood pressure and her headaches are reduced in severity already. They are
not going to aggressivly treat the tumor (lets face it.. she's 94.) as long
as it dosent cause any further problems. I think Nanny's biggest heartache
is that she is living with someone and not living on her own anymore. Oh
well... Uncle Lloyd and Aunt Mary will soon discover how independent she is
(insert manic laughter here).


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