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Thank you for the update, could you post an address, or should we give
the letters to you?




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After not hearing from Cormac since the 30 second phone call on
Thursday, saying that he broke his foot, I decided to be proactive and
called every number in the Caller ID from San Diego...Apparently one was
from his senior Drill Instructor's cell phone. He gave me the number to
the Medical Platoon...after getting the run around that he was not
assigned to that platoon, Lo and behold, Cormac calls me...He told me
that they say that I shouldn't call that number again...I guess I called
the right number...I do not think they are used to dealing with retired
NCOs...especially Air Force NCOs, we don't take no for an answer...Hope
I didn't get him in too much trouble. :)


He said that he has two stress fractures on his right foot...it happened
on a five mile hike with a full back pack, Gunny Lett said it sometimes
happens because they are not used to carrying that much weight. 


He will be there for 1 to 2 months. He can accept letters from anyone
and small packages from family.



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