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Tue Aug 17 10:08:16 PDT 2004

The SCA 101 class starts at 10 AM Saturday. You haven't missed the
announcement, because I haven't sent it out yet :-).

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> If the info has already been sent out, I missed it, but what time is the
> workshop being done at Danas' house on Saturday?  My glorious plan for
> holding off move-in until Sunday because I thought I had a single room has
> been dashed.  I have a roommate and should be there so that I can get my
> stuff in where I want it.  If it's late enough I can get my stuff in and
> make it up there, but move-in starts for returning students at 9, so it
> would be a rush, but I'd like to try to make it!!!
> Very frusterated and repacking everything,
> Ira
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