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After doing a Google search I came across this site for 15th Century Dutch names http://www.medievalproductions.nl/compagnie_de_ordonnance/names , it is one of the suggested  web pages to look through (not really but it is by the same person, the link on the names index page is out of date) Hopefully this will be able to help you out somewhat.

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        Thank you all for the advice, but I am still unable to locate any period names from c15th Netherlands. I've tried the SCA lists and every search word I can think of.Dutch, Holland, Netherlands and even Gelderland( that one only brings up sites in Dutchand my dutch is not very good- ik spreek nederlands nog maar en klein beetje). My only recourse is to discuss this with the herald on Sat. I've prepared everything with this local and age in mind, so I hope to accomplish it( I don't really want to go with German...). I guess we'll see soon enough. Thanks ya'll-david 


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