[Loch-Ruadh] Fighter in need

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Fri Aug 20 16:31:28 PDT 2004


The shire has an extra loaner helm "with a horsetail" that you may borrow -
I cannot vouch for the padding or strapping but it appears to be in fair

I'll have it at the SCA 101 and at fighter practice  --- be prepared to sign
in blood  Insert evil laugh


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Subject: [Loch-Ruadh] Fighter in need

>     This is my formal request for help!
>     Greetings one and all,
>     I have been fighting with a loner helmet for about 2 years when the
> owner of the helmet for financial reasons had to sell the helmet. I have
> however made a promise to my mentor Conor/Bear that I would fight in
> War however to do so I need a helmet.
>     Now do not think that I'm wanting to use a helmet for a very long
> no indeed. I've already sent out money to purchase a new helmet that will
> MINE... my precious.. .. uh.. sorry.. anyhow.. I just need one for the
> being until I recieve my helmet in the mail. That way I can actually show
> practices with my armour and all, and actually *do* some fighting.
>     If you have an extra helmet, or can spare one for a new fighter, it
> would be greatly appreciated, and well taken care of in my possession. You
> may contact me privately at  ilishna1 at earthlink.net, on the list, or call
> at (817) 232-5647.  However keep in mind I do not get home until 6:00 in
> evening, and that I live in Saginaw. I am willing to drive to borrow a
> helmet as long as it not like in Dallas or something REALLY far.
>     I do appreciate any help that anyone can give at this time.
> ili
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