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Evening Baroness

I am Robert L. McCullough and have recently retired from the Dept. of
I have moved to my new house here in Weatherford.  My son is a member of the
Society in the Austin area.  I am an amateur photographer and was wondering
if you know of any of the fighters - male and female (esp. an Amazon) - that
might like to have some free digital photos made?  I hope to get some photos
where I can 'blend' them with some of dragons, crab, spiders, scorpions, and
etc. so it will look like he/she/they are battling the huge creatures.
Might be able to come up with some interesting enough to earn some
supplemental income (retiring really cuts into an income!).

Also I am looking for someone that makes costumes - at a reasonable price -
to make me some Santa outfits.  I would especially like a traditional one
made - see attached.

Thanks for your attention

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