[Loch-Ruadh] Letter of permission to conflict

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That's because the Permission to Conflict letter shows up in Appendix D of
the Administrative Handbook of the College of Arms as a suggested form
letter. The suggested letter is this:

I, [Name], known in the SCA as ([Society name]) give [Name of submitter],
known in the SCA as ([Society name of submitter]) permission for [his/her]
armory "[Blazon of submission]" to look similar to, but not identical to, my
armory, "[Blazon of registered armory]". I understand that this permission
cannot be withdrawn once [name of submitter]'s armory is registered.

[Date] [Signature of [Name]]

Now, please be forewarned that in period practice similar devices were used
by family members such as father-son, mother-daughter, etc, not husband and

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> Um Domhnall i can not find the form on the Kingdom site to grant Ili
> permission to conflict with my device .. would you happen to know where i
> could find it?
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