[Loch-Ruadh] Camping Courtesies

mama mac mama_mac at airmail.net
Sat Mar 6 11:04:32 PST 2004

Just thought I would remind everyone going to Gulf War....

Camping Courtesies by Mama Mac an Ghabhann:

Setting up your tent:
       If you arrive late, set up Quietly & Quickly leaving as much as you
can til morning.
       If someone is awake ask where you can setup.
       If your spot is not marked and no one is awake, wait til morning or
be prepared to move your tent.
       Be considerate of the amount space you take up, space is a premium at
most sites.
       Extremely large camping abodes will be set up at the ends of the
camping area unless other arrangements have been made with the camp
       Do not camp in the common area.
       Ask your neighbor before setting up tiki torches, use extreme care
and we require tiki's be firmly staked.

Respect other camper's space:
       Do not put your "stuff" on other people's tables, coolers, etc.
       Ask before borrowing or using something that isn't yours.
       Return borrowed items ASAP.
       Sit in your chair or on the ground!
       If you bring a guest into our camp YOU provide seating for them!
       Do not walk between tents if possible; use the entrance to get to
your tent or the common area.
       Keep a trash container for your use, I don't want or need to carry
off YOUR trash!!
       Any adult in violation of mundane and/or Society/Kingdom law will be
asked to leave our campsite.
       Do not fight or argue within our encampment..we only wish to hear
joyful noises.
       Do not interact with any animal unless the owner is present.

Keep campsite neat and clean:
       Clean up immediately after eating, remove dishes, put away food &
take care of the trash.
       Keep mundane containers out of site (especially bottles & cans, this
includes after dark!!)
       Put trash in appropriate containers.
       Before falling into bed or passing out clean up your mess.
       Use ashtrays, no cigarette butts on the ground.
       Keep mundane items covered or out of sight.

Take care of YOUR children and/or any minors that you are responsible for:
       It is your responsibility to make sure they understand and comply
with the Camping Courtesies above.
       It is your responsibility to teach your children to keep their things
within your camping space. Do not allow your children to intrude on other
campers or their camping space.
       Know where your children are and what they are doing at all times.
       Feed, water and bathe your children at regular intervals.
       Clean up after your children or teach them to clean up after
       Your children will not interact with animals unless parent and owner
is present.
       Children under 13 will not use common water containers or the water
taps without you at their side.
       Children under 13 will not be allowed at a common food table without
you at their side.
       Children under 13 will be at your side or in their tent after 9 PM.
       Children under 13 will be in their tent after 11:30 PM!
       Misbehaving children will be asked once to stop, the second time they
will be taken to parents, the third time you will be asked to leave our
       Any under age child in violation of mundane and/or Society/Kingdom
law will be asked to leave our campsite.

At all times Pets will be:
       In sight of a responsible ADULT and on a leash or under voice
       Fed and watered.
       Quiet and Friendly.


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