[Loch-Ruadh] Lughnasad, Lugnuts, etc.

lizdenpeters@juno.com lizdenpeters at juno.com
Sun Aug 13 21:03:13 PDT 2006

To Our Fellow Shire Members,

We made it home safely, if not soundly, also.  As always, we had a
wonderful time with a (pun warning) warm welcome from all of you.  

This event is such great fun.  We so enjoy being part of it.  We spent
too much at the auction but have some cool swag and put one over (kinda)
on Dohmnall which is always a worthwhile endeavor.   We outbid him, told
him he lost the item and then gave it to him.  (Evil grins)

Vinnie and I are still doing tug of war stuff over the prizes from the
A&S Competition.  He was grinning like an idiot when he heard his name
called.  What a fun competition that was with so many well done entries. 

We had ordered some of the coasters and with the ones we were fortunate
to be gifted with are now coastered beyond our wildest dreams.  But they
are very, very nice looking (thank you Kaz - oops, Lord Kaz).  When we
use these in the future, we are certain to be envied by all who see them.

Catrin, when you called us up, I was getting ready to run (or gimp, as
the case may be) for the high ground (is there any high ground at this
site?) but I guess I just wasn't fast enough.  We were overwhelmed by the
honor and love you showed us by making us honorary members of your Shire.
 We are proud to be recipients of this recognition and equally proud of
our association with Loch Ruadh.  We always have such a good time with
you folks and appreciate your abundant hospitality.  

Nuala and Vinnie

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