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Sounds wonderful! :) I look forward to many a memorable times with SCA!

Christina C. Swain
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> My very first event was Elfsea Defender back in ... 90?  91?  (It was at 
> Keller's Camp, and there was a wonderful Culture Camp competition.)
> There, I had one of those few moments where one feels truly transported. 
> I awoke early to visit the privy, and as I walked along the trail, 
> enwrapped in my cloak, I was enshrouded by fog rolling in off the Brazos 
> river, and I could see the twinkling lights of tiki torches, lighting the 
> path, the entire length of the way to the privy.  There were still a few 
> valiant drummers from Rolling Thunder playing softly in the early 
> pre-dawn, and I could smell the campfires. A lone early riser was just 
> starting coffee.  This is still one of my favorite SCA memories.
> The best things about the cooler weather, I think, is getting to wear a 
> cloak and smelling pecan wood smoke.
> Madelina
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>>Now the whole cooler weather idea does sound delicious! :)
>>Thanks for the boost up! You all have fun for me. :)
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