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Wed Aug 30 07:01:38 PDT 2006

Rolf and Sybil have a 10x10 easy up they will bring for shade. Also Seward will probably be with us. So add one more. We are also bring 4 lbs. of sausge to help out with breakfast. Anna

Brighid Mac <dallaspanther at yahoo.com> wrote:  Greetings All!
I was looking over the email below and it looks like we are still a pot short for cooking. We really need two big pots to do enough spaghetti to feed the amount of people attending. 
Also, I see enough portable shade coming for the fighting fields to have shade, but I do not see anything for shade in camp being included.

So, who else has/can bring, borrow or steal (okay maybe not steal) another big pot? Anybody? 

And if you want shade in camp now is the time to speak up or you won't have any. We have the pavilions to bring for shade, but unless people say they want to use them they will stay right in their home in the shed.

Remember we have about 36 people coming (that's as many as go to Gulf War!) so we will probably need both of Padraig's pavilions to provide enough shade in camp. I personally rather enjoy shade. :-) So, please voice your opinions, and don't delay we are only 3 days away from the event!

Brighid :-)

Aingeal wrote:
Here is how it looks right now for gothic. Please let us know if something on here needs to change. 
Meals, Supplies & Camping spots.

About what time are people planning on leaving?

Jock will bring the house mac feast box with the needed supplies.
Does anyone have 1 pot and utensils that can be used for cooking?
Do we want or need shade in the campsite?

stove - Alric (maybe the 3 Burner)
A kitchen pavilion - Aingeal
8 Tables - Conor(2) & Alric(4)???
Shade for the fields - Conor, Alric, Aingeal
Pots for cooking - Padraig
Coffee Pots - Caerell, Janie

What else might the camp need? Are there are other volunteers to help get things to Gothic.

Please remember we have 34+ people attending.

Breakfast - Janie & Padraig
Dessert - Kaz & Family

Chili Dogs - Potato Chips - Fresh Veggies (Cathal & Help) Saturday
Polydore, Fiona, Floria(1 or 2 pkgs) - Dogs
Dad - chili
Brighid(3), Padraig - buns
Brighid(3) - potato chips
Ceara, Aingeal - veggies
Janie - grated cheese & onion

Spaghetti - Fresh veggies - Bread (Karl & Help) Sunday
Aingeal, Floria - sauce 
Cathal - noodles
Karl, Fiona - meatballs
Brighid - Bread
Terrance - Veggies
Anna, Sybil - salad
Floria - Olives


Eoghan & Janie 10 X 18
Terrance 12 X 12
Rolf & Sybil 10 X 20
Dad 9 X 14
Polydore & Friends 18 X 15 (Sluggy & Padraig)
Cathal & Jock 10 X 20 (Robbie)
Alric & Fiona 10 X 20
Kaz & Family 10 X 20
Ken & Karl pop-up
Caerell & Aingeal 10 X 20
Elmer 12 X 12
Ethan 6 X 3
Ceara 15 X 15
Anna Merchants 
Tom, Floria & Rose Merchants

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