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I agree. Must have shade. Eoghan and I will be brining our 12x12 pop up.


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>Greetings All!
>   I was looking over the email below and it looks like we are still a pot 
>short for cooking. We really need two big pots to do enough spaghetti to 
>feed the amount of people attending.
>   Also, I see enough portable shade coming for the fighting fields to have 
>shade, but I do not see anything for shade in camp being included.
>   So, who else has/can bring, borrow or steal (okay maybe not steal) 
>another big pot? Anybody?
>   And if you want shade in camp now is the time to speak up or you won't 
>have any. We have the pavilions to bring for shade, but unless people say 
>they want to use them they will stay right in their home in the shed.
>   Remember we have about 36 people coming (that's as many as go to Gulf 
>War!) so we will probably need both of Padraig's pavilions to provide 
>enough shade in camp. I personally rather enjoy shade. :-) So, please voice 
>your opinions, and don't delay we are only 3 days away from the event!
>   Brighid :-)
>Aingeal <clan_mac at charter.net> wrote:
>   Here is how it looks right now for gothic. Please let us know if 
>something on here needs to change.
>Meals, Supplies & Camping spots.
>About what time are people planning on leaving?
>Jock will bring the house mac feast box with the needed supplies.
>Does anyone have 1 pot and utensils that can be used for cooking?
>Do we want or need shade in the campsite?
>stove - Alric (maybe the 3 Burner)
>A kitchen pavilion - Aingeal
>8 Tables - Conor(2) & Alric(4)???
>Shade for the fields - Conor, Alric, Aingeal
>Pots for cooking - Padraig
>Coffee Pots - Caerell, Janie
>What else might the camp need? Are there are other volunteers to help get 
>things to Gothic.
>Please remember we have 34+ people attending.
>Breakfast - Janie & Padraig
>Dessert - Kaz & Family
>Chili Dogs - Potato Chips - Fresh Veggies (Cathal & Help) Saturday
>Polydore, Fiona, Floria(1 or 2 pkgs) - Dogs
>Dad - chili
>Brighid(3), Padraig - buns
>Brighid(3) - potato chips
>Ceara, Aingeal - veggies
>Janie - grated cheese & onion
>Spaghetti - Fresh veggies - Bread (Karl & Help) Sunday
>Aingeal, Floria - sauce
>Cathal - noodles
>Karl, Fiona - meatballs
>Brighid - Bread
>Terrance - Veggies
>Anna, Sybil - salad
>Floria - Olives
>Eoghan & Janie 10 X 18
>Terrance 12 X 12
>Rolf & Sybil 10 X 20
>Dad 9 X 14
>Polydore & Friends 18 X 15 (Sluggy & Padraig)
>Cathal & Jock 10 X 20 (Robbie)
>Alric & Fiona 10 X 20
>Kaz & Family 10 X 20
>Ken & Karl pop-up
>Caerell & Aingeal 10 X 20
>Elmer 12 X 12
>Ethan 6 X 3
>Ceara 15 X 15
>Anna Merchants
>Tom, Floria & Rose Merchants
>I'd rather laugh with the sinners then cry with the saints, the sinners 
>have much more fun...
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