[Loch-Ruadh] New Website

Cat fem_cat at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 22 12:13:55 PDT 2007

It is my opinion that the website has taken a step
backwards in design. The old website clearly depicted
a medieval feel (the castle graphic etc), used Loch
Ruadh's colors quite well (Red, Black and Gold) and
really portrayed the subject and group covered.

I do not think the light blue and light yellows now
being used tie into Loch Ruadh at all. There are now
four different font colors, about 6 different font
sizes, and its all topped off by a top border that
makes me think of Charlie Brown's sweater every time I
see it. The tables (which I know are being pulled from
a database) are all displayed in purple which don't
tie color in at all with any other color scheme on the

The drop down menu is easier to use but is there a
reason there are four different colors being used as
button colors on the Newcomers page? 

The Calendar view option is great, List vs Calendar,
much better functionality.

All in all, I think the website could be more uniform
in design, color and display and MUCH more
respresentitive of Loch Ruadh. The Loch Ruadh
badge/device is not even proudly displayed.


Lady Katheryn, the Black Hearted
Shire of Loch Ruadh
Midshipmen, Seadrake

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