[Loch-Ruadh] New Website

Steve Rourke steverourke at charter.net
Mon Oct 22 16:16:33 PDT 2007

Because of how inactive I've been the last year I've been hesitant to say
much about anything.

But to me the new website design doesn't really seem to represent Loch
Ruadh. There was a unique feel to the old site that isn't there now.  The
colors used may be easier for some people to utilize now, I know there were
times that I had a problem distinguishing  the wording at times. Now our
website just seems ordinary instead of being different. I know that I've had
some people from other areas mention to me that they thought our website was
cool if only because of the castle that was on our opening page,

There are parts of the new version that I do like such as the drop down
menus, the calendar, and having everything on one site instead of having
another window open that went to a different site.


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