[Loch-Ruadh] populace (Long reply)

Aingeal clan_mac at charter.net
Wed Sep 5 21:41:43 PDT 2007

You are not wrong, but it is not all about speaking forsoothly or persona.
It is about making people feel welcomed and part of the family.  It is hard
for newcomers to come into the folds if they are not given the chance to
become comfortable in the SCA on their own time frame without pressure. It
takes a lot of time to work with newcomers.  I have spent many events
walking around events explaining all aspects of the game when the individual
was ready.  Yes that took away from my play time but seeing the results is
great.  Catrin & Floria know what I am talking about. 

The other main area is getting outside of our area and spending time with
other groups.  When we insulate ourselves it makes it harder to let
newcomers in.  The more time we spend meeting people from other groups the
easier it is to accept a newcomer......quirks and all.  But that also means
being honest with newcomers about accepted standards of behavior.  I can
tell you it is very hard to approach a new person and let them know that
they have overstepped.  Terrance understands what I am talking about. But if
this is not done the group gets more irritated with the individual and
eventually pushes them out.

Until the group decides as a whole to work with newcomers with an open mind,
give endlessly and let them form their own opinions about the activities or
people we will not grow.  Please remember it takes time for people to adjust
in the SCA and we can not tell what kind of player they will become until
they are comfortable.  A number of people in Loch Ruadh would not be active
today had we not let them find their own way and settle in.   

Loch Ruadh Hospitaler 

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