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Terry Sikes tdsikes at prodigy.net
Sun Aug 10 20:57:49 PDT 2008

Thank you Padraig!,

I would have liked to say this in court, but I'll say
it online here.

By all rights I should have been the Deputy Autocrat
or the Autocrat in training, but I was prompted to bid
to be autocrat even though it was a bit over my head. 
Organization and memory are not my forte'.  

Luckily Loch Ruadh is a great team, filled with people
that know what needs to be done to make a fun event,
and full of knowledge on how things need to be said,
done, and organized.  There is NO WAY I could have
done well as autocrat if I had not had people sending
me reminders, telling me how and why they had
organized things, and asking me pointed questions to
make me realize when something needed to be done.  

Even people that knew they were not going to be at the
event turned out to work on things like site tokens,
the archery dragon, scrolls, invitations, etc., and
donated prizes and auction items.  An incredible
amount of time and talent were brought to bear at
every turn and ensure the event went smoothly.

So thank you again everyone, if I have a feather in my
cap for being autocrat, it is because YOU put it


--- Pádraig Ruad Ó Maolagáin
<padraig_ruad at irishbard.org> wrote:

> Once again, Lughnasad was a great event - we even
> got a bit of a break on
> the weather this year.  Guess I put in the order
> early enough.
> Vivat to Terrence for all the hard work he did as
> Autocrat, and to
> everyone else who worked themselves half to death to
> make sure everything
> went off without a hitch.
> Now for the information I know everyone is waiting
> for:
> I am very pleased and proud to announce the new
> Titled Bard of Loch Ruadh:
> Our own Lady Brighid Ellen Nic Seward!
> The judges all agreed that it was hard to believe
> that this was Brighid's
> first time to compete in a bardic competition.  She
> did an amazing job,
> and just blew the judges away with her voice, the
> choice of songs, and the
> emotions that she evoked with her singing.  A total
> of nine outstanding
> bards entered the competition, and I would have been
> proud to have any of
> them as our titled bard, so Brighid faced some very
> tough challengers.
> We had a fine Court, with a good number of awards to
> present this year,
> which is alway a good thing.  They were -
> Chantel von Sirre - AoA
> Floria Blackdragon - AoA
> Thomas the Grey - AoA
> Vivian McKinnon - Sable Comet
> Gruffydd Mawr ap Rodri - Sable Comet
> Terrence adte Syke - Sable Thistle for Metal Casting
> and last but not least, Loch Ruadh's service award -
> Conor na Mara - The Ember of Loch Ruadh.
> My special thanks to Baron Armand and Baroness
> Ameline for representing
> Their Stellar Majesties in our Court; as always, it
> was a pleasure to work
> with them as their Court Herald, and I believe we
> presented an enjoyable,
> if somewhat long, evening Court.
> I know that the weather, health and other concerns
> prevented several of
> our folk from attending Lughnasad this year.  You
> were all greatly missed,
> and I hope that you will be able to be with us next
> year so that we may
> celebrate our wonderful Shire together.
> I'll attempt to put out another email later about
> other things that
> happened at the event, and I'm sure that other folk
> have tales to tell as
> well.
> In Service,
> Padraig
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