[Loch-Ruadh] Dana's Lughnasad Thanks

Dana sca004 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 11 14:49:11 PDT 2008

Oh, where do I start????


Lughnasad was fantastic!! Thanks to everyone that helped in any way...before, during or after. Ok, now that I have covered everyone and can quit worrying about whom I will forget....


First to Terrence, you were a joy to work with and I knew you could handle the job!! Congratulations to a first time autocrat on a wonderful event.


Next to the load out crew....16 people came to help, WOW! It was 107 degrees that day and everyone was in good spirits with a smile on their face. The load out went so well due to your efforts. THANK YOU!!!


Padraig, the “Weather God” You blessed us with a breeze and much cooler temperatures than last year for most of the event. My body thanks you!!. According to my husband it was much hotter in Fort Worth.


To the populace of Ansteorra...your support of Lughnasad makes all of the preparation and work a very satisfying endeavor for me. Vivat!!


To the set up and tear down crews (and most of you did double duty)...You people are amazing with your energy and stamina!!! I just did not have get up and go to stand beside you to pitch in and help this year. I arrived on site to see most of the work finished!!  Sunday morning I was dead on my feet and all I could do was watch as tables got folded, banners came down and were rolled up, pavilions dropped like dead fighters on a battlefield and trailers that had more and more equipment loaded onto them. 


To all the coordinators...Every job was in excellent hands and every one of you deserves a big pat on the back for jobs well done. Special thanks to those that stepped up at the last minute to cover coordinators that were unable to attend the event due to health, mundane and family responsibilities. And to those that couldn’t make it, YOU were missed! We hope you can all attend the wind down revel.


To the unloading crew...Vivian, you are my angel!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for standing in for me at the unloading. I came home and collapsed in a dead heap. Terrence thanks for letting me off the hook so easily!! I have been told the unloading went without a hitch.  And darn I thought I was indispensable...my head has shrunk a little more so Baroness Ameline will need to get larger candy canes. For those that don’t get it you will just have to hear the story at the wind down revel.


And last but not least....to all of you that looked after my well being, ran errands for me and were there when I needed you, I owe you big time!! Just don’t try to collect on that too soon, I need time to recover!! To those that had to listen to me vent, allowed me to sit in my self-imposed timeout without interruption and were the brunt of my jumping down your throat because I let myself get overtired YOU have my deepest apologies.


*¨¨*:.(¯`'.¸ Dana ¸.'´¯) .:*¨¨* 



Any pictures that were taken of Dana NOT smiling at Lughnasad 2008 are to be destroyed immediately!!!

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