[Loch-Ruadh] Gulf War Gate

Elizabeth Hawkwood somerlidh at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 15 07:37:13 PST 2008

Steppes Warlord is set for the weekend of May 23 - 25. 
That leaves the 9th - 11th (Mother's Day) and 16th - 18th open, right?
Is there a big problem with going on Mother's Day?


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Memorial day weekend is Steppes Warlord, so that is probably not a good weekend. The open weekends in May are the 16-18th and 23-25th. The first weekend (2-4) is Elfsea Springfaire, the second weekend (9-11) is Mothers day. Do the people who might go have a preference of weekends between the 16-18 and the 23-25th?

Also, I would like to focus all of our energy on finishing the gate on the May trip. We are in the clear for Gulf War and the people going are all going to be busy having fun, going to classes, fighting, drinking, shooting archery, drinking, singing, volunteering, etc... So, instead, let's focus on making sure we have enough volunteers and a well organized, well thought out, well planned and organized trip in May so we can get the gate done on that trip.

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Excellent news!  We're in the clear until May.

Since we have some "wiggle" room, I'd hate to ask anyone to sacrifice party time at Gulf War to work on the gate, however if anyone wants to work on the gate voluntarily I'm sure we can send some materials with them.

I'd like to get everyone thinking about the trip in May.  My calendar says the only holiday in May is May 26, Memorial Day.  Would that be a good day to try to schedule or does anyone else have an alternate?


Brighid Mac <dallaspanther at yahoo.com> wrote:
I just wanted to let everyone know. We heard back from Mistress Diana last night. And it's good news. She said that we are fine with finishing the gate in April/May without any penalties. Also, she said they really like what we have done so far and that it looks great! Yay!

Loch Ruadh Seneschal

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