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I'm very sorry, but Alric and I will not be able to attend this year.  The 
5th is my birthday and we will be in Norman, celebrating that and the 4th 
with family.  I hope you have a wonderful wake and I'm really sorry we'll 
miss it.


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Oh, the wailing, the mourning, the gnashing of teeth!  Sackcloth and
ashes! A dark, dire day of danger, death and destruction, a dreary dearth
of delight, deadly to dozens of doleful denizens doomed to dwell in
dimness, dullness, despair and dementia, drudging downheartedly to a
drumming dirge!

And a great reason to hold one heck of a party!

Yes, it's the Ninth Annual Padraig Ruad O'Maolagain Wake, Bardic Beerfest,
Come As You're Not Revel and Pool Party!

(Oh my God, we've been doing this for nine years!)

Date:   Saturday, 5 July
Time:   4:00PM to Whenever
Place:  Tir MacCarthain
(Amber and Padraig's place)
3808 Arroyo Drive
Weatherford, TX 76087

Click here
 for a map link.

**Come As You're Not**:  This revel is in garb, just not the garb you
usually wear.  Come as an alternate persona, or as someone else entirely.
Last year I was O O'o (pronounced "Uh Oh"), a Scotsman.  And Baroness Dana
nearly scared me to death with her "alternate persona"!  (Appropriate for
a wake, I suppose.)

**Potluck Feast**: Please bring something to share for the feast.  Amber
and I will char some dead animals on the grill (hot dogs and maybe
hamburgers), but other meats are welcome as well.

Other feast items to consider bringing:
Raw vegetables and dip
Cooked vegetables
        Et cetera.

**Things to bring**:  Snacks to share, whatever you like to drink, mugs,
chairs, musical instruments, songbooks, etcetera.  Swim suits (or clothes
you don't mind getting wet) and towels.  If you have kids, bring something
to help keep them amused.  We have a play area with swings, a slide and a
climbing frame or "fort", plus plenty of room to run around.  We can also
put on DVDs for them to watch if necessary.

Food!  Drink!  Dancing!  Singing!  A dead Irishman!  What more could you
ask for?

***The Dead Bard Competition***:  Not the most prestigious Bardic mantle a
bard might ever wear, but perhaps one of the most interesting.  Bring your
best songs, poetry and prose about Death, Destruction, Gloom and Doom (and
no, it's not just a typical Irish bardic circle).  Compete for the honor
(?) of being the Dead Bard.  The Dead Irishman will have largess for the
competitors and winner.

Come help us celebrate Life with our annual spoof of Death.

Nunc est bibendum.
Politicians prefer unarmed peasants.

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