[Loch-Ruadh] Gulf War gate trip

Terry Sikes tdsikes at prodigy.net
Sat May 10 06:27:28 PDT 2008

First off, let me apologize for not posting earlier,
but we have been having internet problems at home and
I have only limited internet access at work.

We have 2 weeks to go until the Gulf War gate building
trip II!  Right now Kaz tells me he should have plenty
of tools and materials to complete the job, although
we probably can discuss hedging bets and maybe
speeding the job if we can get some additional tools
to the site.  We might include some gardening tools as
I'm sure the site is going to be overgrown with weeds
and vines and if we tent camp we will need to clear a
little space.

We DO need extra tall ladders so that we can cover the
top of the gate!  And we also need PEOPLE who are
willing to climb up and down and work on top of

Right now I am planning on taking Chantel's Ford F150
truck that has a crew cab.  I have room to seat 3 more
and space in the truck bed for tools, tents, sleeping
bags, etc.

We are currently on a "fend for yourself" basis on the
trip.  I will be taking a small earth pimple tent for
myself that the box says "sleeps 4" which usually
means 4 midgets or 2-3 adults.  I will be taking an
ice chest of drinks and food that doesn't need to be
cooked or just needs minimal preparation.  If someone
else in the groups wants to bring a coffee pot or a
grill I'm sure we could find room.

We also need to mount the sign on the gate this trip
and I haven't been given any information on how far
along we are on making it.  If we can't get it made by
the trip we can always make a temporary sign by
painting a board and hanging it in the same way and
bring the permanent sign later.

All that are planning to attend please speak up so
that we can make any arrangements we need.

GW Land Liasson

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