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Don't forget Logan the smith, aka Seamus Donnacadh Loganaich an gabhain - US Army, Paratrooper, Special Forces, Airborne Ranger.


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>Is the Shire of Loch Ruadh a possible terrorists organization?
>According the a report by the Home Land Security, potential home grown terrorist include conservatives and military veterans.
>By this definition, the following members of Loch Ruadh are potential terrorist:
>    Padraig Ruad O'Maolagain      - USAF
>    Gruffydd Mawr ap Rodri          - USAF
>    Caerell MacDomnaill                 -  USAF
>    Alric Morgannwg                      - USN
>    Terrence ad te Syke                   - USN
>    Rolf Sewardson                          - USN/US/Army
>    Jock McKinnon                          - US Army
>    C J Myers                                    - USMC
>    Martin Myers                             - USAF
>    Anise verch Gruffydd               - US Army
>Others know to have terrorists ties:
>    Amber Katte of Oxonford        Husband (USAF)
>    Marion Fay Holms                    Husband(USAF
>    Aingeal Mac an Ghabban       Husband, Father and two Sons (watch this one. may be ring leader) (USAF)
>    Fiona inghean ui Mheadhra    Husband (USN)
>    Chantel Von Sierre                    Husband (USN)
>    Sybil O'Dowd                            Husband USA/USN)
>    Vivian McKinnon                     Husband(USA) and Father (USAF)
>    Dana Mac an Ghabhann         Husband(USAF), son-in-law, two grandsons (USMC/USAF)
>    Connal Mac an Gabhann        Father (USAF
>    Kaz of Loch Ruadh                  Father(USMC) 
>    Domhnall Dubh O'Ruaire        Father
>And possibly many others unknown to me at this time.
>Statements like this are an insult to all who have proudly served their country and those who continue to do so.
>Donald McKinnon
>MSGT USAF Retired
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