[Loch-Ruadh] Military Folks in the SCA (was: Terrorrist's Group)

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For Logan, the draw was pretty much based on his Scottish nature - the opportunity to sell ironwork, though he used to fight heavy weapons and did a bit of rapier fighting as well back in ancient times when he met some SCA people at the Larkspur fair in Colorado, before Ansteorra was a kingdom.

I can't believe I didn't think of the following people, besides Logan, who are my ties to the military:

My mother - USN
My sister - USN
my brother - US Army, 1st Cavalry Tank Division during GWI
my daughter - US Army, GWII, Kuwait & Iraq, 1st Liet

Proud to be related by blood & marriage to terrorists,

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>I guess it's not really surprising the number of former and current 
>members of the armed forces there are in the SCA.  Obviously, some of 
>the drawing power is combat and weaponry, plus a lot of us have been 
>stationed in Europe and got to see the historical castles, battle sites, 
>etc., that make up so much of the Period we recreate.
>If you are military (current or former), what initially attracted you to 
>the SCA?
>For me it was primarily the bardic arts, though I like the combat arts 
>as well.
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>Politicians prefer unarmed peasants.
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