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belmiro belmirobujes at terra.com.br
Sat Feb 21 06:49:37 PST 2009

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As export agents in Brazil, of wood and your beneficiaries,
we are with new offers.

1 - Compensated for transport industry (I floor and lateral of road implements), I step for containers (marine, telecommunications, works).

2 - Compensated plastic-coated with film fenólico(fôrma for concrete and other).

3 - Compensated plastic-coated with resin fenólica (mold for concrete and other).

4 - Compensated extra-resined (support base for tiles asfálticas - "Shingle").

5 - Compensated of mixture (industry moveleira and export).

6 - Pallets of having compensated super-resined (industry of concrete blocks).

Continuous investments in technology and the development of partnerships close to the customers and suppliers, guarantee the quality of OUR products in all their details.

This warranty is reinforced by the production of having compensated strictly inside of the patterns of ABNT and British Norms.

Film Faced Plywood 180 gr/m2

12 mm 05 ply U $390,00/m3
15 mm 07 ply U $370,00/m3
18 mm 09 ply U $360,00/m3
21 mm 11 ply U $360,00/m3

We have production of having compensated plastic-coated,
compensated of pinus T & G, THE & you are, C+/C,
White Virola BB/CC - WBP.

Compensated of Amescla (several species of
tropical wood), in agreement with Bristh Standard 6566, collage WBP, sanded in both
the sides, qualidadem BB/CC & Better Combi, in the
thickness from 04 to 25 mm, in the sizes of
1220 x 2440, 1220 x 2500, 1250 x 2500 etc..

All these products, prove of forest tropical, natural, with rigorous control and handling
maintainable, according to international patterns

BB/CC - WBP _ Combi, 1250 x 2500 mm
09 mm US$265,00/m3/Fob
12 mm US$242,00/m3/Fob
15 mm US$239,00/m3/Fob
18 mm US$232,00/m3/Fob
21 mm US$232,00/m3/Fob

Compensated of Pinus Eliotti C+/C 1220 x 2440

09 mm U $216,00/m3/Fob
15 mm U $190,00/m3/Fob
18 mm U $185,00/m3/Fob
20 mm U $185,00/m3/Fob
22 mm U $185,00/m3/Fob
25 mm U $185,00/m3/Fob

Sheets pinus faqueadas Taeda/Eliotti, in the
thickness of 0,6 - 1,0 - 1,5 mm

Sheets faqueadas of Eucaliptus Grandis, in the
thickness of 0,6 mm

Sheets faqueadas of Ipê, Jatobá, sucupira etc.
in the thickness of 0,7 mm.

We still have: Panels of pinus eliottis f/j and solids, Decking and floors of tropical madeirasa.

We awaited consultations.



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