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I am having an issue. I have a newbie I am trying to  prepare for a week of 
war. I however have no sewing skills. I have a ton of  other skills but not 
sewing. Not to the degree I would like. Is there anyone  in Ansteorra that would 
be willing to make him some basic garb, that would  look decent, on 
commission. I would pay over the course of the next few weeks  but the garb would need 
to be made soon. I was thinking viking for him as he  is a rather dashing young 
man with lots of hair. Nearby would be helpful and I  would pay for materials 
and an hourly rate, but coming up with upfront cash to  do this is difficult 
as we are both students. I would like to pay someone 50  dollars a week for 2 
horseman's tunics with trim (cut both on sides and back  and front), blacks 
and deep, reds, and a circle cloak with hood, and some  pants. As well as a long 
jacket open front which I can provide pictures for  reference. Also any good 
ideas on period looking boots any of you guys out  there? If you are
interested in helping me to garb him would be  appreciated...I would pay 
upfront for materials as well...

Lady  Gorawyn
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