[Loch-Ruadh] Feb 4, 2009 Populace meeting notes

Brighid Mac dallaspanther at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 7 18:26:51 PST 2009

February 4, 2009 Populace meeting notes:
Meeting called to order.
Seneschal says “Hello”
Moving Bardic:
             Discussion about moving from Saturday to Wednesday:
             If moved to Wednesdays Padraig would be able to attend.
             Some people could not attend on Wednesday.
             It was suggested that we have Bardic on Saturday once a quarter. Padraig agreed that that was a
             reasonable request.
                  Rolf motioned we move Bardic to Wednesday evenings and once a quarter we have a Saturday night  
             Bardic. Aingeal seconded the motion. The Seneschal called for a vote and the motion passed. Bardic 
             will be held at 7:30 PM on the 4th Wednesday of the month except for the quarterly Bardic which will 
             be held at 7:30 PM  on a Saturday, usually the 4th Saturday unless an event interferes with the date. New 
             Bardic Schedule is as follows:
                                 Wednesday – February 25th at Alric & Fiona’s
                                 Saturday – March 28th at Aingeal & Caerell’s
                                 Wednesday – April 22nd location TBA
Shed Workshop:
             Was a success, people showed up and the work was accomplished. Many thanks to those that were able
              to show up, your efforts were appreciated.
Round Table (Red Tape): 
             Terrence, Caterina and Caerell completed the Financial Committee class.
Gulf War:
             Alric requested one more meeting be held with Gulf War attendees at 7:30 PM on February 11th. It is
             important you attend if you are camping on the Loch Ruadh permanent land. Alric confirmed 2 people
             from  the Ansteorran Royal Navy will be camping with Loch Ruadh this year.
Proposal of hosting Laurels Prize Tourney:
             Aingeal was the voice of Caterina tonight because Caterina was keeping her plague at home…
             Autocrats would be Caterina & Ameline. The date is September 12th. The Kingdom would receive 30%    
             of the profits. The proposed site is the Moose Lodge in Crowley.  Easy event with the possibility of  
             having the Central Region Knight Marshal setting up a regional fighter practice at a nearby park on the 
             same day. This event is a low budget that doesn’t require a lot of work, mainly – general set up, gate,  
             help artisans set up, simple luncheon, tear down and clean up. 
                    Dana motioned that Caterina and Ameline continue with their plans and put in a bid for Loch 
             Ruadh to host the Laurels Prize Tourney event, Terrence seconded the motion. The Seneschal called for 
             a vote and the motion passed.
Officer Reports:
             Eighteen people attended the outing to Cowtown Archery and 7 people attended practice this past
A & S:
             Monthly report is turned in, mentioned was a Brewers Guild meeting and the Lucet looms Caerell made 
             last month.
             If you have a Guild or Workshop meeting, are working on an A& S project or have entered a 
             competition please let Caterina know so she can include it in her monthly report.
             Thanks Aingeal, Caerell, Tom, Floria, Alric and Padraig for helping with the shed repair work day.
             We needed some plywood for the workday and for shelving to be completed at a later date. The 
             Chamberlain requested the receipt she has of $21.55 for said plywood be held until officers meeting.  
             This expense was not pre approved and therefore needs to be reviewed for reimbursement by the   
             financial committee. The Seneschal approved this request.
              We had a balance of $2182.59 on January 31, 2009.  
              4th quarter and End of Year Report were mailed on time.
             Kaz’s device of a mutant chicken has passed Laurel.
             Monthly report has been filed.
             Hospitaler records have been transferred.
             We have had 3 new contacts this past month. 
             Tom asks that everyone in the group help him by greeting and talking to newcomers at any Loch Ruadh 
             function. He appreciates the help, especially since school prevents him from attending some of these 
             activities. Dana has volunteered to become a deputy Hospitaler. If you are interested in becoming a 
            deputy please contact Tom.
Knight Marshal:
             Sunday’s fighter practice had 8 attending, no fighting occurred unless you count Vivian fighting the dog 
             off that wanted donuts.  
Web Minister:
             Guild meetings and workshops need to be scheduled on the Seneschal’s calendar so they can be posted 
             on the web page calendar. 
            Still looking into moving the web page.
            Please send in the corrections or additions you would like to see on the web page.
New Business:
             Alric –  On March 7th from 5 to 8 PM, in Burleson there is a Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet. They 
             would like our help. If you are interested in helping please contact Alric.
Old Business: 
             DATE CORRECTION: April 3rd not April 10th as stated at populace meeting!!
             It had been suggested that we help Rose with the American Cancer Society 2009  Relay for Life – Fort
             Worth, TX at Farrington Field by dressing in garb and hand out water from 6 PM April 3rd to 6 AM 
             April 4th. The only problem is this is the same weekend as Elfsea’s Defender that will be held at the   
             Middle Faire site.
                     If you would still be interested in helping with this project please contact Bice. It is not necessary  
             to be there the entire time, even just a couple of hours would be greatly appreciated.
Even Older Business: 
             Please wish Vivian a Happy Birthday as today she admitted to celebrating the 11th anniversary of her 
             29th birthday. 


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