[Loch-Ruadh] Home from War and also, The Henge

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The pictures I have are mostly of the field battle.
Seph(?) Is putting together a disc of every ones pictures.
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So who has pictures for those of us who were robbed of a chance to go to War?  Especially of the gate,
And I'm sure that Kaz will tell you that the Henge placement was completely intentional. <grin>

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I would also like to commend those that worked on the henge!  The scaffolding was great and was probably something we should have done all along.  The front of the henge looks great and it has a plywood top and underside.  We still need to give the same treatment to the back.
And I also want to commend those that originally placed the henge, as it was noted that sunset on the vernal equinox falls directly in the center of the henge.

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