[Loch-Ruadh] March Officer's Meeting Notes

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Sat Mar 28 14:39:41 PDT 2009

 Below are notes from Officers meeting this past Wednesday. Many thanks to Floria for taking notes!

Officer's Meeting March 2009

Gulf War

Post Gulf War Meeting to be held at 6:30 pm on Saturday, March 28, at Caerell and Aingeal's before Bardic.

Gulf War Land

Next year the War will open a day earlier, on Saturday. Anyone who is early on will be considered Gulf War set up crew. You must help set up the site before doing your own campsites. This applies to everyone, from the top down. 
Early on is limited to 3 cars containing 5 people total. Under 18 does not count in those numbers. One of the 5 must be the group's primary land coordinator. Land coordinator is a 3-5 year commitment. If you are land coordinator, you must commit to attending war for the years you are coordinator. Deadline for early on is Jan 1, 2010. Substitutions are not allowed.

Due to War attendance growth, square foot allotments per person will be enforced. If you do not use all your space, it will be allotted to the common area.

Under consideration is: groups that volunteer get some slack. If volunteerism at the War does not improve, groups with permanent land will be required to volunteer for a certain number of hours.

The reason behind these changes is to ensure War enjoyment of all attendees, improve customer service, and reduce the amount of red tape groups must go through to receive information.

Golf carts will be limited to the Chirurgeons and the Watch. Everyone else will be on foot.

If you would like a copy of the Gulf War changes, please contact Caerell.

Yule Revel

Dragonsfire Tor wants to do a 50/50 split on outlay and profits, excluding the raffle, with us for Yule Revel. Outlay would be approx. $350.00. Will be presented at populace for approval.

Officer Reports

First March practice had 3 people. At War, 6 adults and 5 children shot. 

First Needleworker's Guild of the month was cancelled. Next Needleworker's Guild will be held Mar 31. Will be making twall patterns, or bring your own project.

Scribal met, 7 people attended.

Caerell entered the open A&S at War.

The Henge was worked on at Gulf War by various members of the populace.

Vivian made a dozen arrows.

The following people took these classes:
Vivian - Quill Making
Tom - Beekeeping and Box Hinges
Kelly - Soapstone Carving and Pewter Casting
Floria - Medieval Feasts
Kaz's Family - Dance

Aingeal is making a new leine outfit.
Floria made tasting cups for the chirurgeons.

Library grand opening this past Saturday at the Gulf War Pity Party was a success.

Send in submissions for the Scarlet Letter by April 20.

Beginning balance: $2161.04
Expenses: reimbursed Aingeal for $26.51 for Library stamp.
Balance: $2134.53

Kelly is in the process of name submission.

One email enquiry.

Knight Marshal
March Fighter Practices have been cancelled.
Kaz announced that Wookie from Elfsea is going to start a once a month Central Regional melee practice. Details TBA.

Web Minister
Four people have recently subscribed to the list. If you want anything on the webpage (i.e. your name, device) please email Caerell.
Library list will be online soon.

New Business:

Bardic was changed from Caterina's to Aingeal's for March.
Bardic was changed from Aingeal's to Caterina's for April.

We got a lot of compliments on the gate at War. Seleone will take pictures of it throughout the year for us.

Old Business:

Bice' reminded everyone about the water table she is manning for the Shire at the Relay for Life. It is Defender weekend, but please come out that Friday if you are able, 6 pm to 6 am, Farrington Field. Please dress in garb.

Kaz needs to borrow some rattan weapons.

Gruffyd said the Loch Ruadh bard was missed at War, but there were 3-5 bards a night in camp so bardic was still held every night.


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