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I have read each sad tidings, though I am still filled with a mind numbing saddness, I find comfort and even inspiration. It mattered not how long or short of a time, everyone has been touched the same way with Bear's ever presence among us. 

He is a remarkable man that has taken such an effect in our lives. He is family to one and all. I do not think I have ever met anyone that does not have a profound respect, friendship, or love for Bear. He is, and remains throughout all time a great man that I aspire to be. 

I miss you my friend.

Inn illi  

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>I too first met Bear via the BBS days, long before I even knew what the SCA 
>was. His online nick BBS was "DreamBearFireWind" when I met him. Bear has 
>been a part of so many of our lives in so many ways. Mine and Robs kids have 
>grown up with "Uncle Bear". Bear did not stay with Rob and I near as long as 
>he did with you (he was only w/ us a couple months) but one thing about Bear 
>was he was part of the family no matter where he went or where he stayed.
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>> I'm sorry if my thoughts and feelings on this list has been noticeably
>> absent today but I have not had the capability of putting them into words
>> let alone verbalize them until now and I may still screw them all up.  At 
>> a
>> VERY early hour of this morning a part of me was unexpectedly and suddenly
>> taken from me.  I'm sure it is nothing compared to what Brighid, her 
>> family
>> or Bear's family has gone through but please hear me through.
>> Bear was not my friend....he was SO much more than that.  He was my
>> brother...part of my family.  Yes he was a Loch Ruadh brother and a House
>> Mac brother but he also was what I considered one of a few select "little
>> brothers".  I have known Bear for over 17 years which predates our
>> involvement with the SCA.  It just started with a guy I met at a BBS party
>> (only us oldtimers probably remember those days) who along with some other
>> folks on this list got me interested in this thing called the SCA in 1995
>> which led me to getting to know all of you fantastic people.  Our
>> acquaintance turned into a friendship that made us travel buddies and tent
>> mates at many SCA events including my only three Gulf Wars, the first 
>> being
>> the War that was washed away.  Bear had the unfortunate chance to pick the
>> downhill side of our tent and when the tent filled up with water, although 
>> I
>> had some water under my cot, his was under water.  I also had the 
>> privilege
>> to watch him squired to then Sir Aaron, later our King two times over.
>> Fast forward a few years (and I'm bypassing some very fun and eventful
>> happenings including my fond memories of the Arthurian Company) and this
>> same young man was looking for some help and a place to stay and needed 
>> some
>> help till he go on his feet.  I had just taken possession of my house 
>> after
>> a lengthy separation and divorce and other than having one son that was
>> still living with me, I said sure, come on over, I've got a spare bedroom.
>> Little that I knew that over the next 4 and a half years with the 
>> exception
>> of a 6 month stint with Enron in Houston, Bear would become part of my
>> immediate household and family.  My parents came to know him, my kids came
>> to love him and my future and now wife, Francesca, came to love him and 
>> cook
>> for him as well as my son and I.  Some memories are too personal to relate
>> but he and I helped each other through some very tough times during those
>> years but when he told me that he had finally found the lady of his life 
>> and
>> would be moving out, although I was saddened to hear it, I knew he was
>> making the best decision he had made his entire life.  When he told me 
>> that
>> he had asked Brighid to marry him, I was overjoyed and saddened at the 
>> same
>> time.  When he told me the date of their wedding, previously unknown to 
>> most
>> everybody, Francesca and I had already decided to get married on the same
>> day so I couldn't be one of his bridegrooms.  At the last moment, 
>> Francesca
>> and my wedding date got moved forward one week so Bear and Brighid were 
>> able
>> to attend our wedding as were many of you and then we were able to attend
>> Bear and Brighid's wedding one week later.  Since then Brighid has also
>> become part of our family as well.  Francesca and I have shared many a 
>> meal
>> and movie night with Bear and Brighid both at our house and theirs.  I 
>> will
>> miss those movie nights.  I will miss my motorcycle rides with Bear.  I 
>> will
>> miss the phone calls and emails just saying, "Hey we haven't gotten 
>> together
>> in a while, let's get together".
>> My friends, this is only a small part of what I'm feeling right now.  I 
>> have
>> made and taken many calls today from crying children, shocked friends,
>> loving and concerned House Mac and Loch Ruadh brothers and sisters and yes
>> even Brighid.  It's taken well over 45 minutes for me to compose this 
>> email
>> but if I had to verbalize this into words, it would take much longer.  I
>> wish I could say I'm the originator of this quote but allow me to quote my
>> son Erik's comment earlier today when discussing all that was going 
>> on.....
>> "Dad, EVERYBODY loved Bear!!!!!!!!!!!"
>> I am proud to say I loved Bear as well. I share your grief at the loss of
>> Bear but I encourage you all to support Brighid in rebuilding her life.  I
>> will see you all on Saturday.
>> Sean
>> PS I know it's embarrassing to watch a grown man cry but you people are 
>> just
>> going to have to deal with it!!!!
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>>    It is with a heavy heart that I write this message.  Brighid called 
>> this
>> morning to let me know that Conor "Bear" Mac Namara passed away this
>> morning.  She has asked that you do not call or email her at this time. 
>> Her
>> email goes direct to the phone and she needs to make calls.  Please 
>> respect
>> her wishes and send the emails to me, so that I can get the message to her
>> through her best friend Luke.  If you need more information please call me
>> as she does not want to repeat the events of the last couple of days.
>> 817-480-2444
>>    This has been a hard morning for her and she will need the down time.
>> Luke will take very good care of her and get information to her at the
>> appropriate time.  I am sorry to have to relay this message, but please 
>> keep
>> her in your thoughts as she struggles.
>> Aingeal
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