[Loch-Ruadh] Update on Gwenllian & Bice

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Sorry to hear about Gwenllian and good to hear about Bice hope Gwenllian is better soon

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Note...this is being written with less than 2 hours sleep.

Gwenllian was admitted to the hospital this morning with what they believe is a urinary tract infection.
After encountering a problem they left my house a little before 11 last night for a trip to the emergency 
room.. I received an update about every hour and a half  from a very frustrated Aingeal. The only thing 
that kept Aingeal from strangling someone last night was the thought of being arrested and leaving 
Gwenllian there alone. Around 7:15 this morning they finally decided they were going to admit her.

Bice is still in ICU. Gary said she is doing a lot of sleeping and the doctor is satisfied with her recovery.
Updates as I receive them.
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