[Loch-Ruadh] Middlefaire Demo

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Mon Nov 1 16:46:35 PDT 2010

See, that's what you get for supposing.  

Sorry about dropping the ball on moving this forward - I have been working 
massive amounts of overtime (I'm still at work even as I write this).

We will need:   a pavilion (I suggest the canvas Shire pavilion), several 
tables, table covers, items to display (A&S, weapons, books, etc), the list 
field poles and ropes, people to staff the pavilion and fighters to demo 

Caerell, what's a good time to pick items up from the shed?  Who can haul, and 
who can be there to load?

Who will be able to attend one or both days?  Times are 11:00 am to 6:00 pm both 

Let's try to have a good handle on this by Populace meeting on Wednesday.


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I had planned to attend and supposed Padraig was coordinating.

Loch Ruadh MoAS

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Are we still planning on staging demos next Saturday and Sunday at the
Middlefaire site?
If so, are we planning a coordination meeting beforehand?
Who is planning on attending the demos?

And no, I am NOT volunteering to coordinate this by asking these questions.


Pan Kazimierz Złowieszczy
Lordy Lord Kaz the Sinister


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