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A huge heart felt thanks from me to HL Amalia and Keith (can't remember SCA name sorry) for saving my hide. Who knew  you can unlock a car with a schlager or an epee?
Lady Vivian 
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Greetings Loch Ruadh!

I am safely home from the event thanks to my brother Kaz and his lovely wife,
Antonia. The gear is stacked in the living room daring me to begin clean up, but
I am steadfast in my refusal to start just yet. First I have a few things to
say. I am sure Lord Alric with have other words as well when he sits down to
comment on the event.


Thank you to every coordinator who showed up and worked their butts off this
weekend despite weather warnings and high winds. Autocrats are worthless if they
don't have good people working with them and we definitely had the support we
needed. I would like to thank the following coordinators, please pass it on to
your volunteer helpers, who stepped up and made this event a good one. If I do
not mention you personally I apologize, I am a little bit tired....but oh so
happy at how things turned out. I will send my thanks to their excellencies in a
private email, I simply wanted to acknowledge those who worked to make this
event a success.

Lady Catrin, you have my utmost thanks on running a fabulous A&S competition. I
know there are many that know your love of the Arts and Sciences and I was
thrilled that you were the one to present the Premier Titled Artisan of Loch
Ruadh with their title and new regalia. I loved all of the entries and enjoyed
reading the documentation that was submitted.

Lord Padraig, you have my thanks for stepping in and coordinating our  Titled
Bard competition this year when called upon to help. I know it was last minute
but you did  not flinch from stepping in and running a great bardic.

Lady Cait, WOW! That should be all that I have to say...but I really love to
talk. You ran and ran all day long and never stopped smiling. The children
laughed and enjoyed the event and,as the future of Ansteorra, that is what is
important. You did so much that I will not focus on only one aspect of your MoC
performance. Just know that everyone noticed and I personally thank you.

Lady Marian, thank you for the delicious food. A hot feast is always a welcome
addition to a rainy or cold event and it was nice to be able to sit down and
refuel. Everything was plentiful and tasty.

Lord Gryffydd, as always the archery competition went off without a hitch and I
heard many mention how fun the shoot was. The targets were great! Thank you.

Honorable Lady Amalia, thank you for running the rapier tournament at the Raids
this year. You are as generous as you are beautiful and you have my gratitude. I
especially loved walking past the rapier field on an errand and hearing actual
giggling coming from the field.

Lord Germanicus, I admit it, youth tournaments are my absolute favorite part of
every event. So you can understand when I say a heartfelt thank you for serving
both  as our Youth Chivalric coordinator and an excellent example of what a
young fighter should be in the SCA. You managed to mentor while still keeping it
fun for them and I appreciate the effort you put into that.

Lord Kaz, ah my brother. You stepped in and took over chivalric at the last
minute without batting an eye or giving me grief (slacker). The fighting looked
fun and I regret that I could not sit down and witness more of it. Judging by
the amount of time the fighters stayed armored up and laughing I have to assume
MUCH fun was had by all. Thank you for a great tournament and for being so

Lady Vivian, thank you for meticulously running gate, making sure everyone paid
and signed in and for pretty much living at gate at this event. Gate may not be
one of the most fun activities at an event, but you managed to do it and still
keep smiling.

Lady Sybil, thank you for keeping track of the loot and plunder we took from the
shed and for making sure we put it all back when we were caught with it.

Lord Rolf, thank you for being security on site. We didn't need to call in the
brute squad but I have no doubt you would have handled things wonderfully.

Lady Fiona, thank you for filling in those spots that needed filling. I saw you
at water bearing, helping set up feast, and a few other places pitching in and
being helpful. I am grateful that where you saw a need, you went.

Melodie, Arianna, Carinna how do I thank you for being such loving, wonderful
people? Thank you for serving as entourage to their Excellencies and for setting
such wonderful example to the other youths at the event. You ran until you
couldn't run anymore and I love you all for your efforts. I am so proud of all
three of you.

Lady Gunnhildr Hroaldsdottir thank you for running our brand new Newcomer's
Point. I heard so many complements on how nice you were and how helpful you were
to those in need of garb and information. Thank you for being a smiling
representative of Loch Ruadh.

Lady Antonia, you have my gratitude and thanks for stepping in and running water
bearing for our fighters this year. We all know how important that job is and
you did a fine job of making sure the combatants were hydrated and fed. Thank
you as well for the DELICIOUS tarts at feast (and for saving some cherry ones
for me), I know it was time consuming to make so many and to decorate them so

And finally, Lord Alric, my co-Crat. Thank you for putting up with my manic
insanity at times. For allowing me to make crazy suggestions at exactly the most
inconvenient times and for putting so much work into this event with me. I would
do it again, so that has to say something about the way this event ran. Thank
you very much for being crazy right alongside me.

Thank you one and all for attending, volunteering, and for making this event a
happy success. It is now time for me to conquer the clean up.

In Service,

Lady Katheryn de Ryes
Shannon River Raid Autocrat
Kingdom of Ansteorra

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