[Loch-soilleir] [OT] Loveseat free to good home

mtucker@airmail.net mtucker at airmail.net
Tue Aug 17 13:02:14 PDT 2004


Know someone that's going off to school, or getting a place of their own,
and needs a small couch or loveseat? Want something nice enough to use,
but don't want to spend a bunch of money? Have I got a deal for you...

I have a brown loveseat that I need to pass on. It's upholstered in a
pretty, brown fabric that shows some wear, but it's nice enough that I've
been using it until now. It's a double recliner, but the recliner
mechanism is somewhat broken down (old and cranky, like certain retired
barons around here).

If you have a place for it, it's yours if you'll come get it. Contact me
off-list for directions.

Michael Silverhands

p.s. loveseats lie! Don't believe a thing it tells you.

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