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MessageJust a note from a veteran of the Iraq war on things that the soldiers appreciate:

Baby Wipes
Socks-Black or green if you can find them
Hand Sanitizer
Beef Jerky
Zip Loc Bags (Lap top computer sizes are good also)
Triple Ply Toliet Paper (apparently the militay issue is very rough!)
Local Newsapapers
Camping stuff
I was suprised to hear that they really enjoyed the pictures from kids and displayed them proudly on tent walls. 
Also, notes and letters expressing support, or just talking about home

Hope this helps, it's from Lord Max von Rinn who's been there and done that.

HL Katherine Brandon

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  Thought I would share the news

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    I just have to brag on Elfsea!  We have had so many items donated that I will have to send 2 shipments!  I will be sending off our first box on Monday to PFC Ashley Cairo in Kabul, Afghanastan.

    Just a tip. Go to resale shops. I found at a resale shop the other day 16 gallon size ziplocks full of hotel soaps, shampoos and shower caps. They had them marked at $1.00 a bag.  I talked to the manager and told her that I would like to buy al the bags, but wanted to know if she could come down on the price. I told her that I would be sending them to a troop overseas.  She came down to $.50 a bag!  I went home and counted out what was in the bags and came up with 83 bottles of shampoo, 47 shower caps and 173 bars of soap! All for $8.00!!

    I have enclosed a list of what we have gotten so far.  What has everyone else collected so far? I'm really curious! :)


    (3) Jars of Anti-Bacterial wipes

    (2) Jars of Mosquito Wipes

    (2) bottles of Coppertone Sunscreen (48 SPF)

    (23) Beanie Babies

    (1) Teddy Bear

    (3) Tote Bags

    (10) Wet Ones Singles

    (3) Toothbrushes

    (27) Bars of Nuetrogena Soap

    (44) Travel size package of Kleenex

    (5) boxes of Kleenex

    (2) Toothbrushes

    (2) small tubes of toothpaste

    (1) sample size toothpaste

    (8) small bottles of hydrating spritzer

    (3) small bottles of mouthwash

    (8) small bottles of lotion

    (3) tubes of chapstick 

    (83) small bottles of shampoo

    (47) shower caps

    (173) small bars of soap

    (14) books, various subjects

    (1) baseball hat

    (7) stuffed animals, non-beanie babies size

    (36) sunglasses

    (1) tube of toothpaste

    (1) package of first aid wipes

    (1) box of moist toilettes


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