[Loch-soilleir] Tourney by the Loch - a message from the church

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I know I met some people who came in and showed them around.  Being a
Hospitaler is really fun.  I get to tell all the new people about the SCA.
I love it.

In Service to the Dream,
Lady Elizabeta Maria dei Medici
Maria Buchanan
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In the Stellar Kingdom of Ansteorra
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> I just wanted to let you all know - I just heard from the church where we
> had Tourney by the Loch.  They said that they have never had an outside
> group leave the building in such good shape, and they were very pleased
> the SCA.  Apparently a few members of the congregation stopped by during
> event, and were impressed with how friendly & polite everyone was.  I
> saw them - I assume they met with someone at the gate?  Or a hospitaler?
> Whoever met them, you impressed them!  They want us to know that the SCA
> welcome to rent the church again anytime for another event or meeting.
> (Especially now that we know how to loch the door!)
> Way to go, Loch!
> Kat
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