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Thu Dec 15 10:03:44 PST 2005

Site opens for general population at 10a. Anyone present earlier than 10a is assumed to volunteer to assist in set-up.  Set up begins at 9a.
  Remember to bring your stockings to hang. (Extra clothespins would be good too.) There will be a name label/tag for each stocking. Please bring items to place in other's stockings (e.g., candles, small candy, buttons, pens, small games/gifts, etc.). 
  Bring dessert to share, it does not have to be period, just yummy.
  Info from Cateau (feast steward):  there are 100 folding chairs.
20 - eight foot tables
5 - round six foot tables.

We can park on the grass field next to the site, but if it is really wet and we tear up the grass, we may have to pay to fix it. We'll just have to see how wet it is on Saturday. The parking lot for this site is really small with maybe parking for about 12 - 15 cars. We can also park a few cars behind the building. Parking along the street is OK too.

If it's raining, we are OK to hold activities indoors. The hall is pretty large, maximum capacity is 365 people. 

There is a large lattice screen which we can use to hang stockings from. We wont be able to get in until 8:00 am Saturday. 

I am planning on cooking for 50 adults and 15 kids.I have pork loin and have ordered 10 roasted chickens. I think this should feed everyone with perhaps some to spare. Veggies and salad will fill in. I am also going to get a half sheet cake. 

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