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Sat Dec 31 11:02:26 PST 2005

thank you Hedwig, for an outstanding job.  
B. Katya

--- Hedwig von Luneborg <lochherald at gmail.com> wrote:

> Greetings unto the populace of Loch Soilleir,
>    There are a few things about the Domesday and OP
> I want to address in
> this little note.  Several people had questions for
> me about the following
> topics.  I'll begin with the Domesday:
>    1. Giovanna and Pace's new address has but a
> single 1 in the house
>    number not two of them so it should read 1811
> *NOT* 11811.
>    2. Lord Brian's modern name is spelled correctly
> in the OP but not the
>    Domesday (I blame the over active spell check on
> my computer for this one.)
>    So it is correctly spelled: Brandyn *NOT*
> Brandon.
>    3. Katrina of Coventry's mailing address is now
> *different*.  She has
>    not shared her new address with my at this time
> so if you would like to have
>    it ask her about it when next you meet.
> Now, about the OP; I have been told by a few people
> that their entry is
> incorrect or incomplete.  I have also been asked if
> (fill in person's name
> here) *really* doesn't have (fill in award here). 
> This is the situation:
>    If you have moved to Ansteorra from another
> kingdom and you have awards
> from said kingdom it is up to YOU to let the College
> of Heralds know about
> your awards from your previous kingdom.  These
> records do not automatically
> follow you around.  (It would be nice if that
> happened but hey you know
).  On
> this same note, many people's OP entries are not
> updated yet.  There are a
> few reasons for this.  The main reason is that like
> all offices, the kingdom
> level officers are volunteers and have limited time
> to commit to this hobby.
> If you've received an award within the last 4 to 5
> months then it may be
> that they haven't had the chance to update your
> awards yet.  Another reason
> may be that they never received notice of the award
> having been given and
> have no clue you need to update your OP.  If it has
> been at least 6 to 8
> months or more since you received said award(s) then
> you need to personally
> let the College of Heralds know about this.  For
> either situation follow the
> link below and then follow the instructions given to
> have your OP updated,
> added to or corrected:
> http://www.ansteorra.org/regnum/herald/OP/
>    After all this is said, *please* email me and let
> me know what your OP
> should contain.  I am still working on updating and
> creating  an OP for the
> Loch and the one printed in the Domesday is as
> accurate as I could possibly
> get *up to this point*.  You may wonder why this is
> so important to some of
> us.  Well, perhaps someone has noticed your work and
> service and kind and
> giving nature and would like to nominate you for an
> award.  This gets a bit
> difficult when we cannot find what you've already
> received and what you
> haven't received because then no one knows what
> award to nominate you
> for
so, let's get to work on getting everyone's OP
> updated!
> As always I remain:
> --
> In Service to "The Dream",
> Herrin Hedwig von Luneborg
> Herald of Record, Loch Soilleir
> "To educate a person in mind and not in morals is to
> educate a menace to
> society." --
> Theodore Roosevelt
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